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examination and diagnosis of manganese poisoning

examination and diagnosis of manganese poisoning

Common examination of manganese poisoning

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Urine manganeseKidneyKidneyManganese is mainly found in the intestines...
ElectromyogramPeripheral nervous systemOrthopaedicsThrough electromyography...
Serum manganeseSystemic blood vessels--Serum manganese (Mn)...
ElectroencephalogramCraniocerebralHealth SectionEEG examination is very important for...
Whole blood manganeseWhole body cardiac joint--Whole blood manganese detection can...
I. Inspection:

1. The upper limit of normal value of urine manganese in urine examination shall not exceed 0.54 μ mol/L (0.03 mg/L). Urine adrenal hormone metabolites 3-methyl-4-peroxytonsilic acid and 17-peroxycortisol secretion increased, vanillic acid content decreased.

2. Fecal manganese in stool examination is generally 40mg/kg as the normal upper limit.

Determination of manganese in urine and feces can reflect the recent absorption of manganese.

3. The upper limit of the normal value of blood manganese in blood examination is 9.1 μ mol/L (0.05 mg/dL), which is of little significance for diagnosis because the determination of blood manganese is often irregular. Manganese in normal hair is 7.2 mg/kg for men and 13mg/kg for women. The levels of T3 and T4 in plasma decreased significantly, while the concentration of TSH increased significantly, showing hypothyroidism.

4. There are abnormal changes in EEG and EMG in imaging examination.

Because manganese is widely distributed on the earth, it can affect the content of manganese in vivo in different regions and eating habits, so the normal value of manganese in biological samples in vivo should be based on the local normal value. Generally, manganese in urine or hair can be judged as manganese poisoning if the manganese content exceeds the upper limit of normal value in this area.


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