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examination and diagnosis of chromomycosis

examination and diagnosis of chromomycosis

Common examination of chromomycosis

Check nameInspection siteInspection departmentCheck function
Microscopic examination of skin fungiSkinSkin emergency special needs wardMicroscopic examination of skin fungi...
Skin smear microscopySkinSpecial needs ward of skin care departmentSkin smear microscopy...
Blood routineBlood vesselInternal medicine surgeryBy looking at the blood...
First, check

(1) Laboratory examination: Direct microscopic examination shows brown, separated thick-walled sprouts, that is, "schizophrenia", without filaments. Dark fungi grow in fungal culture.

(2) Histopathological examination: only epidermis and dermis were invaded, but subcutaneous tissue was not invaded. The epidermis showed pseudoepithelioma-like hyperplasia, and there were small abscesses in epidermis and dermis. Different forms of brown-yellow hard shell cells (thick-walled sprouts) can be seen in small abscesses and heterotypic multinucleated giant cells.

(3) The fungi cultured in aseptic parts can be confirmed, while direct microscopic examination or positive culture in contaminated samples such as sputum may not have clinical significance, so it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate them by multiple cultures combined with clinical and other laboratory examinations.

(4) X-ray manifestations are very different, and various forms can appear, including lumpy round shadows. Single or multiple nodules, lobar or segmental consolidation, diffuse alveolar infiltration, fibrous nodular infiltration and cavity formation.


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