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efficacy of Beiqi Lean Meat Soup

Question description: The effect of Beiqi lean meat soup Supplementary explanation: The effect of Beiqi lean meat soup

Answer: Taizishen nourishes the spleen and lungs, nourishes qi and promotes body fluids. Beiqi has the functions of invigorating qi, consolidating the surface, condensing sweat, relieving sore muscles, promoting hydration and reducing swelling. Suitable for prolonged heat in summer, poor diet, lung deficiency, coughing, heart palpitations and other debilitating diseases, as well as children's weakness after illness, spontaneous sweating, and bed sweats. It is suitable for symptoms such as spontaneous sweating, bed sweating, blood numbness, edema, ulcers and ulcers. Lean meat soup has the functions of nourishing and secreting, smoothing the skin, and spleen and stomach.


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