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  4. dubo histoplasmosis diet, dietotherapy, Dubo histoplasmosis eat what is good

dubo histoplasmosis diet, dietotherapy, Dubo histoplasmosis eat what is good

dubo histoplasmosis diet, dietotherapy, Dubo histoplasmosis eat what is good

Diet should not be avoided for histoplasmosis of Du Bo

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat food with anti-inflammatory effect; 2. It is advisable to eat foods that can increase the body's resistance; 3. Eat foods that improve tissue immune function.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
MilkIt is rich in protein and amino acids, which can improve the immune function of the body and promote the dissipation of the original infectious inflammation.250ml, can also be eaten with soybean milk.
SoymilkIt is rich in plant protein and unsaturated amino acids, which is of great significance to the nutrition of nerve tissue.200 ml, can be eaten with milk.
Chinese milk vetchIt has direct anti-inflammatory effect and can alleviate the inflammatory reaction caused by this disease, thus reducing the swelling of tissues and the damage of skin and mucous membrane.150g stir-fried.
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid eating spicy and irritating food; 2. Avoid eating moldy food that is not easy to digest; 3. Avoid eating foods containing nitrite.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Pickled picklesChinese chives are pungent and warm food, which can improve the blood circulation of tissues, thus inducing the spread of infectious pathogens, but not conducive to the recovery of this disease.It is advisable to eat fish with cold taste.
Pickled vegetablesIt is pungent and irritating, which is not conducive to the recovery of immune function. Eating too much can cause bacterial infection of tissues and is not conducive to the recovery of function.It is advisable to eat food without spicy irritation, such as eating a little after frying.
MustardFood belonging to hair property can improve the blood circulation of tissues, thus inducing the risk of infection spreading and spreading, so it is not conducive to the consumption of patients with this disease.Eat lettuce or pea tips.
Dietary principles of Du Bo's histoplasmosis

Dietotherapy prescription: Decoct with Glehnia littoralis, Ophiopogon japonicus and Jujube kernel in equal amount, add water for more than 1 hour, leave juice from filter residue, boil and concentrate, add rock sugar, boil into flowing paste, cool and put in refrigerator for later use. Take 10 ml each time, 3 times a day.

Decoct 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. and 5 grams of Herba Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae Artemisiae

Use the same amount of Astragalus membranaceus and Yunling, grind and sieve to remove slag for later use. Take 60 grams of rice porridge, add 15 grams of medicinal powder while cooked, stir well and take it twice a day.

What should patients eat more?

Step 1 Eat mung beans

Mung bean is sweet and cold in nature, and can solve the poisons of stone, arsenic and vegetation. It has preventive and therapeutic effects on heavy metal, pesticide poisoning and other food poisoning. Mung bean soup is the best detoxification water. Therefore, those who are often exposed to harmful substances such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, chemical fertilizers and pesticides should eat more mung bean sprouts, mung bean porridge and mung bean soup in their daily diet.

Step 2 Eat pig blood

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pig blood is beneficial to intestinal laxative and intestinal scale removal. After the plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by gastric acid in human body, it can produce a decomposition product that detoxifies and clears intestines. This substance can react biochemically with dust and harmful metal particles invading human body, and then be discharged from digestive tract. Therefore, people who have been engaged in harmful and toxic dust work for a long time can eat more pig blood.

Step 3 Eat kelp

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kelp is cold and salty, and has the effects of softening hard masses, clearing heat and promoting diuresis, removing fat and lowering blood pressure. Alginic acid in kelp can slow down the absorption of radioactive element strontium by intestinal tract, and can be excreted out of the body. It also excretes cadmium entering human body, preventing constipation and intestinal cancer.

STEP 4 Eat Fungus Foods

Such as black fungus, tremella, mushrooms, etc. These fungi are rich in selenium, which not only has anti-aging and immunity enhancement effects, but also has detoxification effects on mercury and cadmium, which can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and improve immune function.

What should patients not eat?

(1) Avoid smoking and alcohol

(2) Avoid spicy and irritating food

(3) Avoid fatty and fried food


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