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the diet of sebaceous gland cyst, dietotherapy, what does sebaceous gland cyst eat good

the diet of sebaceous gland cyst, dietotherapy, what does sebaceous gland cyst eat good

The diet of sebaceous gland cyst should not be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1: Eat vegetables for clearing heat and promoting diuresis. 2: It is advisable to eat soft and hard porridge, and 3: It is advisable to eat vegetable soup for invigorating spleen and promoting diuresis.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
Coix seedCoix seed strengthens spleen and promotes diuresis, and has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on cysts and pimples.You can cook porridge 2-3 times a week.
Red beanRed beans nourish qi and blood, promote diuresis and strengthen spleen.You can eat it often, cook porridge and drink it 1-2 times a day.
Houttuynia cordata ThunbHouttuynia cordata Thunb can be cooked and eaten, and it is a kind of material with homology of medicine and food. Promoting diuresis, strengthening spleen, clearing away heat and toxic materials.Take it once a day for a week.
Dietary taboos: 1: Avoid eating spicy vegetables. 2: Avoid eating hair meat. 3: Avoid eating beans with biological sex hormones.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Dog meatDog meat grows hair, so don't eat lumps, cysts and injuries.Attention should be paid to avoid as much as possible, which is not good for health.
SoybeanSoybeans contain certain hormones, which can promote the development of cysts.Stop using it, and it is not good to treat the disease.
Toona sinensisToona sinensis is hair-induced, which is not good for diseases. Eat less. Affect the sedimentation of stomach qi and cause liver yang resistance.You can drink some vegetable soup properly.
Dietary principles of sebaceous cyst

1. Diet prescription:

Reduce the intake of fried, spicy and nutty foods: This kind of food is easy to stimulate the fruits of pink tumors, so to reduce acne, pink tumors or pink tumors, we must first change our eating habits, drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits, accelerate the metabolism of the body, and promote the ability of cells to detoxify.

Because of the difference of patients' physique, we divide diet care according to physique.

Dry skin dry skin, less oil, so postoperative should eat more beans, alkaline substances such as soybeans, red beans, black beans, kelp, laver, fruits and vegetables.

But be careful not to eat dog meat, shrimp, crab, fish and other foods.


nursing care of sebaceous cyst-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

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