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the diet of oral cavity cancer, dietotherapy, what does oral cavity cancer eat good

the diet of oral cavity cancer, dietotherapy, what does oral cavity cancer eat good

Oral cancer diet should not be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat anti-tumor food; 2 It is advisable to eat food that moistens throat and resolves phlegm; 3 It is advisable to eat food to improve immunity.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
AloeAloe has anti-tumor effect, and it can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells in patients with malignant tumors, and even reverse it, which is helpful for the recovery of patients.100-200 grams per day is advisable
PearPear has the functions of moistening throat, eliminating phlegm, clearing away heat and toxic materials, relieving the symptoms of throat discomfort, and helping the recovery of patients.200-300g per day is advisable.
MilkMilk is rich in high-quality protein and essential trace elements, which can promote the absorption of intestinal nutrients, improve human immunity and improve disease resistance.350-500 ml per day is advisable. Hot drinks are preferred
Dietary taboos: 1 Avoid eating spicy and stimulating food; Such as pepper, pepper, pepper and ginger; 2 greasy food; Such as fat meat, lard and sheep oil; Avoid smoking, wine, coffee and strong tea.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
PepperThe irritation of pepper is relatively large, which is easy to stimulate the throat. The consumption of oral cancer patients is easy to stimulate and accelerate the growth of tumors, aggravate the illness, and is not conducive to the recovery of patients.Eat light food. 【小于】 /Dd >
Sheep oilSheep oil contains a lot of oil, which is easy to nourish bacteria and increase sputum, aggravate the symptoms of throat discomfort, and is not conducive to the recovery of patients.It is advisable to eat low-fat food.
CoffeeCoffee contains a large amount of caffeine, which easily leads to insomnia, affects the quality of life of patients, leads to the decline of immunity, and is not conducive to the recovery of patients.It is advisable to eat food that soothes the nerves and helps sleep.
Dietary principles for oral cancer

First, oral cancer diet prescription

1. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and loofah soup with tomatoes are two common dishes, so it is needless to say. Tomato contains lycopene can help kill abnormal cells, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent the spread and metastasis of tumors, and have a good prevention and treatment effect on oral cancer.

2. Mung bean soup, radish juice, watermelon juice and sugar cane juice can relieve the symptoms of dry mouth and tongue, red tongue and less fur, nourish yin and promote fluid production, and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy.

3. Mushroom lean pork soup and longan red jujube lotus seed soup can enhance immune function, benefit qi and enrich blood.

4. Coix Seed Porridge This porridge can strengthen spleen and stimulate appetite, protect digestive function and reduce side effects caused by chemotherapy.

In addition, patients with oral cancer can also eat more crucian carp, red beans, quails, walnuts, soft-shelled turtles, kiwifruit, water shield, plum, lemon, hawthorn, almonds, honey, lotus roots and other foods, which can promote physical recovery.

Second, what foods are good for oral cancer

1. Eat more thin foods, such as porridge.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. Tremella fuciformis, Auricularia auricula, Lentinus edodes, Hericium erinaceus, chicken gizzard, sea cucumber and coix seed should be eaten to strengthen physical fitness.

Third, what foods should you not eat for oral cancer

1. Eat hard food. Hard food sometimes punctures tumors and causes bleeding. Keep oral hygiene to prevent bleeding caused by infection.

2. Avoid spicy and irritating foods such as onion, garlic, ginger and cinnamon.

3. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

4. Avoid fatty, fried, moldy and pickled food.

(The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for details)


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