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the diet of motor neuron disease, dietotherapy, what does motor neuron disease eat good

the diet of motor neuron disease, dietotherapy, what does motor neuron disease eat good

Diet should be avoided for motor neuron disease

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat high protein food; 2. Eat high vitamin foods; 3. Eat high-calorie food.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
Lean meatIt is a food rich in protein, which is of great benefit to the body and can supplement high-quality proteinJust one a day. It can be cooked or fried with other vegetables
FruitRich in vitamins, it is favored by everyone and the most popular fruitEat daily and between meals
EggRich in high-quality protein and essential vitamins, it belongs to high-calorie foodEat it every day, stir-fry or cook it, and avoid eating too much
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid greasy food; 2. Avoid fried food; 3. Avoid high-salt foods.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Pickled vegetablesIt belongs to high-salt food and should not be eaten too much, which is very harmful to the bodyIt is recommended to consume less than 4 grams of salt per person per day, especially for other serious diseases
Sesame pepperIt is a particularly greasy food, which is fat and sweet, and it is useless to eat moreIt is recommended to eat less properly
Big fat meatFried food belongs to greasy food, and the oil of fried dough sticks is generally harmful to the body, so we must pay attention to itTry not to eat it
Dietary principles of motor neuron disease

1. Diet health care:

While treating motor neuron damage, muscle source damage and other diseases, no matter which type of patients' condition is weak by spleen deficiency, spleen and kidney yin deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, liver blood deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, heart blood deficiency, lung deficiency and phlegm dampness, etc., they all eat less cold and more warm. For example, mustard, mung bean, kelp, laver, azepam, cabbage, day lily, watermelon, bitter gourd, wax gourd, etc. are all cold foods, so patients should avoid taking them as much as possible. General patients should eat more sweet and warm tonic foods, such as millet, jujube, hawthorn, yam, angelica, adzuki bean, lotus seed, raisin, walnut kernel, ginger, beef, mutton, black-bone chicken, etc. You can also buy a bottle of pure natural royal jelly, which is most conducive to enhancing your own immunity and helping


nursing care of motor neuron disease-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

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