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the diet of lung abscess, dietotherapy, what does lung abscess eat good

the diet of lung abscess, dietotherapy, what does lung abscess eat good

Diet should be avoided for lung abscess

Appropriate diet: 1. Food rich in vitamin C; 2. Food rich in high-quality protein nutrients; 3. Food rich in dietary fiber

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
LemonLemon has the functions of promoting fluid production, stimulating appetite, preventing heart and lung diseases, clearing away heat and eliminating phlegm, resisting bacteria and diminishing inflammation.Make 1-2 cups of tea every day.
Lean meatLean meat is rich in high-quality protein food, which provides nutrients for the recovery of the body.It is advisable to eat 300-400 grams every day.
CeleryCelery has the functions of calming liver and decompressing, calming nerves, preventing cancer, nourishing blood and tonifying deficiency, clearing away heat and toxic materials, and is helpful for physical recovery.It is advisable to eat 300-350 grams every day.
Dietary taboos: 1 indigestible food 2 irritating food 3 spicy food
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Glutinous riceGlutinous rice is an indigestible food, which has an impact on the nutrient absorption of patients and is not conducive to the recovery of the body.Glutinous rice, glutinous rice cake and zongzi are not suitable for eating.
PepperPepper is an irritating food, which easily stimulates gastrointestinal tract and leads to malabsorption.Such as pepper, pepper and pepper should not be eaten.
CoffeeFood that belongs to stimulation has certain influence on gastrointestinal absorption, which is not conducive to physical recovery.Coffee, strong tea and white wine should not be eaten.
Dietary principles of lung abscess

Dietotherapy prescription for lung abscess

(1) Take 50 grams of coix seed rice, 50 grams of black beans and 3 pieces of dark plum, add 5000 ml of water, add 10 grams of donkey-hide gelatin when decocting to 2500 ml, boil again, and take it after meals, once a day, twice a day. It is suitable for patients with cough and vomiting pus and blood.

(2) 50 grams of coix seed rice and 9 grams of alcohol and bitter wine (vinegar), which are decocted together and taken warmly, with pus and blood when vomiting.

(3) 100g of fresh or dried reed rhizome, 50g of wax gourd kernel, 100g of Houttuynia cordata Thunb, 15g of peach kernel and 20g of almond, decocted with water and mixed with 50g of honey, once a day and taken three times. It is suitable for the stage of lung abscess ulceration, and the effect is remarkable.


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