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the diet of laryngeal cancer, dietotherapy, what does laryngeal cancer eat good

the diet of laryngeal cancer, dietotherapy, what does laryngeal cancer eat good

Diet should be avoided for laryngeal cancer

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat foods rich in high-quality protein; 2 It is advisable to eat food with anti-tumor effect; 3 It is advisable to eat antibacterial and anti-inflammatory food.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
Goat's milkGoat milk is rich in high-quality protein and a variety of essential mineral elements, which can promote the absorption of intestinal nutrients, enhance immunity and improve disease resistance.350-500 ml per day is advisable.
BroccoliBroccoli can supplement a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C, and at the same time, it can also supply abundant carotene, which can prevent the formation of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of cancer.200-300g per day is advisable.
Toona sinensisPatients with nausea and tumor have relatively low immunity and are susceptible to bacterial invasion and infection. Toona sinensis has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which is beneficial to the recovery of patients.160-280 grams per day is advisable.
Dietary taboos: 1 Avoid eating spicy and stimulating food; 2 Avoid eating carcinogenic substances; Avoid eating greasy food.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
PepperPepper is an irritating food, which is easy to cause dry eyes, dry tongue, sore throat and decreased immunity, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients.Eat light food.
Chewing gumSugar substitute aspartame in chewing gum is a carcinogen, which is easy to accelerate the development of nausea and tumor diseases, and is not conducive to the recovery of patients.Anti-tumor food.
Sesame pepperFat meat is a food containing a lot of oil, which is easy to nourish bacteria. Patients with nausea and tumor have relatively weak immunity and are more susceptible to bacterial invasion and infection, which is not conducive to the recovery of patientsIt is advisable to eat low-fat food.
Dietary principles for laryngeal cancer

Dietary health care for laryngeal cancer

1. The most suitable food:

(1) Animal food: lean pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, pigeon meat, yellow croaker, pomfret and eggs. ② Seaweed: jellyfish, kelp, laver, sea cucumber and seaweed. ③ Beans: all kinds of soybean products, such as soybean milk, tofu, vegetarian chicken and other plant foods. ④ Fresh dark green, yellow and orange vegetables and eggplant; ⑤ Fruit: Fresh fruit. ⑥ Nuts such as red dates, longan, walnuts, etc. ⑦ Grain: All kinds of grain and its products.

2. Eat as little food as possible:

(1) Animal food: fat livestock meat and fat poultry meat, salted meat, fish, smoked products such as sausages and sausages. ② Beans: dried beans. ③ Plant food: pickled pickles and stale vegetables. ④ Fruit: Canned fruit or fruity beverage.

3. Food that cannot be eaten:

(1) Animal food: spoiled food. ② Beans: moldy bean products. ③ Plant food: spoiled vegetables. ④ Grain: moldy grain and its products

4. Diet prescription:

1) Egg therapy for laryngeal cancer

Square 1

[Composition] 1 egg white and 1.5 g pig tooth soap.

[Usage] Grind pig tooth soap into powder and clear it with chicken; Take it with boiled water in your mouth, so that your saliva flows out to degrees.

Square 2

[Composition] 250ml radish juice and 1 egg.

[Usage] Steam the eggs, shell them and swallow them, then drink hot radish juice.

Square 3

[Composition] 2 eggs and 30g Adenophora adenophora.

[Usage] Boil eggs and sand in two bowls of clear water. After the eggs are cooked, shell them and cook for half an hour, add rock sugar or white sugar; Eat soup and eggs.

Square 4

[Composition] 1 egg inner membrane, 3g jade butterfly, 2 boat-fruited sterculia and 6g raw licorice.

[Usage] Decoct egg membrane, jade butterfly, etc. with water.

Square 5

[Composition] 2 egg yolks, 15 ~ 20g of rehmannia glutinosa, 12g of lily, 18g of mother-of-pearl, 10g of white peony root and 15g of Chuanlian.

[Usage] Decoct mother-of-pearl in water first, then add Radix Rehmanniae, Lily, Radix Paeoniae Alba and Chuanlian, then add egg yolk, and take soup; Take one dose daily in two times.

(2) Tea therapy recipe assisted in prevention and treatment of laryngeal cancer

Square 1

[Composition] 5 salted olives, 5g bamboo leaves, 2 dark plums, 5g green tea and 10g white sugar.

[Usage] Boil and drink soup with water; Take 1 cup twice a day.

Square 2

[Composition] 5g cicada slough and 10g green tea.

[Usage] Put the above two flavors into a teapot, brew them with boiling water, and soak them as you drink.

Square 3

[Composition] 200g loofah and 5g tea.

[Usage] Brewing tea leaves with boiling water and taking juice; Wash loofah, slice it, cook it with salt, pour in tea juice and mix well.

Square 4

[Composition] 9g of fine tea (Qingming is better), 9g of mint and 9g of phellodendron amurense; Borax 6g.

[Usage] Grind the medicine into very fine powder, take the clean powder and mix it evenly, add 0.9 g borneol, and blow it.

(3) Medicinal porridge assisted in the treatment of laryngeal cancer

Prescription 1: Asparagus orange porridge

[Composition] Asparagus 30g, orange collaterals 15g and japonica rice 100g.

[Usage] Decoct the first two flavors of water to obtain juice, and boil it with japonica rice to make porridge; 1 dose daily. Serve for 7 days.

Prescription 2: Red peony root and snakegourd porridge

[Composition] Radix Paeoniae Rubra 10g, Fructus Trichosanthis 15g and Japonica rice 100g.

[Usage] Decoct the first two flavors of water to obtain juice, and boil them with japonica rice and water to make porridge.

Prescription 3: Radish and Olive Porridge

[Composition] Carrot 50g, olive 30g and japonica rice 100g.

"Usage: Wash carrots, slice them and decoct them with olives to get juice, and add japonica rice to cook them into porridge. 1 dose a day, 5 ~ 7 doses in succession.

Prescription 4: Lophatherum gracile

[Composition] Lophatherum gracile 15g, Radix Rehmanniae 15g, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 9g, Japonica rice 100g, and proper amount of white sugar.

[Usage] The first three flavors of water


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