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dental caries examination, dental caries diagnosis

dental caries examination, dental caries diagnosis

Common examination of dental caries

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Examination of dental caries

STEP 1 Oral Examination

Dental caries is easy to occur in the retention area where teeth are not easy to clean themselves, especially in the groove of molar surface or the crowded food impaction place of dentition. The depth of caries can be divided into three types.

1) Shallow caries

The lesions are limited to enamel or cementum, and white or gray-black caries can be seen locally. Without conscious symptoms, the tip of the probe can be stuck during exploration, and the probe has a rough feeling when sliding over the lesion, so there is no pain in exploration.

2) Medium caries

The lesion is deep, involving the shallow layer of dentin, local blackening, temperature or chemical stimulation pain, obvious cavities and sensitivity.

3) Deep caries

The lesions are deep and deep in dentin and close to dental pulp cavity. Pain occurs when food impaction or hot, cold, sweet and sour stimulation, and black holes are common in local areas. The probe can probe the bottom of the cavity in the deep dentin, which is extremely sensitive or painful, and has no history of spontaneous pain.

Step 2 Auxiliary inspection

If it is difficult to determine the caries site, X-ray dental films can be taken, and black shadows can be seen in the caries defects. If conditions permit, optical fiber transillumination, electrical impedance, ultrasonic wave, elastic mold separation, dyeing and other technologies can be used to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of early diagnosis of caries.


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