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dental caries diet, dietotherapy, dental caries eat what is good

dental caries diet, dietotherapy, dental caries eat what is good

Dental caries diet should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat high protein food; 2. Eat high vitamin foods; 3. Eat high-calorie food.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
Lean meatIt is a food rich in protein, which is of great benefit to the body and can supplement high-quality proteinJust one a day. It can be cooked or fried with other vegetables
FruitRich in vitamins, it is favored by everyone and the most popular fruitEat daily, preferably between meals
EggRich in high-quality protein and essential vitamins, it belongs to high-calorie foodEat it every day, stir-fry or cook it, and avoid eating too much
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid greasy food; 2. Avoid fried food; 3. Avoid foods high in salt and fat
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Fried peanutsEating hard and rough food for a long time is easy to wear teeth and gums, and it will shake the tooth nerves when chewing, which will easily "wake up" the nerves inside dental caries and cause toothacheFried broad beans, fried soybeans and other roasted seeds and nuts and crude fiber vegetables such as celery, bamboo shoots, leeks, raw carrots, as well as fried pork chops, roast mutton and other oily goods should be eaten less and try not to eat them.
WineWine contains alcohol, which will stimulate dental pulp nerve and cause pain after drinkingExcitatory drinks such as coffee and cola also have similar effects, so don't drink them.
PomegranateThe formation of dental caries is related to acidic food, which accumulates in teeth and produces excessive lactic acid, which corrodes the surface of teeth and forms cavities. Therefore, acidic food will increase the degree of tooth corrosion, which is aggravating the diseaseBe sure to rinse your mouth after eating, and clean up the food residue in your teeth.
SugarSucrose, which is the chief culprit of tooth decay. If sugar is not cleaned in time, it will produce acid, which will cause necrosis and demineralization of hard tissues, erosion of transparent substances on the surface of teeth, and discoloration of enamel.Sweet and greasy food will also affect digestion and absorption.
Big fat meatIt is a particularly greasy food, and the oil used to process this kind of food is of poor qualityIt is recommended to eat less properly
Sesame pepperIt is pungent and irritating, which can increase the permeability of vascular mucosa, thus increasing the risk of bacterial infection.It is advisable to eat condiments without spicy irritation.
PicklesThe content of salt is relatively large, which can cause water and salt retention, thus increasing body dampness, aggravating inflammatory reaction and increasing local exudation.It is advisable to eat fresh vegetables.
Dietary principles of dental caries

First, which foods are good for your health when eating dental caries:

1. Eat a balanced diet.

Especially pregnant women, infants and patients suffering from various malnutrition and chronic wasting diseases, they should pay more attention to supplementing enough minerals such as high protein, high fat, rich calcium and iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D, especially fresh fruits and fruits to improve their ability to resist caries. High protein diet can prevent caries and fat can protect teeth, which can reduce the occurrence of dental caries.

Step 2 Eat more fluorideOr other mineral foods.

After fluoride enters the tissue, it can enhance the acid resistance of enamel (the outermost layer of crown, commonly known as enamel) and play a role in preventing caries. Foods containing fluoride include milk, carrots, chicken, eggs, mackerel, lettuce, potatoes, tea leaves, wheat flour, etc., but excessive fluoride should not be supplemented, because excessive fluoride can cause dental fluorosis and endanger the health of teeth, bones and joints and the whole body.

3. Eat more coarse food.

This is because eating coarse food requires greater chewing power, which grinds off the cracks on the tooth surface, and makes it easy to wash and clean the tooth surface, so that bacteria and food residues are not easy to stay or attach to the tooth surface, thus reducing the occurrence of dental caries. Therefore, advocating eating more coarse food and fiber-rich wear-resistant food can prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

4. Eat more fibrous foods,

Eat less fat, sweet and thick food to enhance the self-cleaning effect of teeth.

It is recommended not to drink carbonated soft drinks, because they contain phosphoric acid, which can reduce the calcium content of enamel. In addition, do not use chewing nutrition with high vitamin C content to prevent enamel from being corroded.

Second, it is best not to eat what foods for dental caries:

1. Acid food

Because acidic food can produce more lactic acid under the action of oral lactobacillus, and lactic acid is further decalcified in damaged dental cavities, which increases the area of dental caries and further aggravates the disease. Therefore, we should eat less acidic food melanoma traditional Chinese medicine, and brush our teeth to remove food residues in dental cavities after eating. This kind of food has pomegranate, bayberry, wild jujube, vinegar and so on.

2. Hard and coarse food

Hard and coarse foods, such as fried peanuts, fried broad beans, fried soybeans, fried cashews, fried nuts and crude fiber vegetables, such as celery, bamboo shoots, hairy bamboo shoots, leeks, water spinach, raw carrots, etc., and fried foods, such as fried pork chops and roast lamb chops.

3. Less sugar.

Sucrose is closely related to dental caries, and it plays a decisive role in the occurrence of dental caries. From children, we should pay attention to control the amount of sugar, not allow to eat candy and snacks before going to bed, and even develop the bad habit of sleeping with candy in our mouth.

(The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for details)


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