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how to deal with low progesterone

Problem description: How to regulate low progesterone Supplementary instructions: How to regulate low progesterone

Answer: Pregnant women with low progesterone can usually take progesterone capsules and dydrogesterone tablets orally, or they can be conditioned by intramuscular injection of progesterone injection. Diet therapy can also be carried out in daily life, and foods such as soybeans, red beans, bean skins, soy milk, and royal jelly can be eaten in moderation. Because soybeans contain isoflavones, which can regulate progesterone in pregnant women. Progesterone is more important for pregnant women. If progesterone is insufficient, it may lead to miscarriage, infertility and menstrual disorders. Therefore, in the case of low progesterone, it should be adjusted in time.

Answer: Estrogen and progesterone are low, and the key way of recuperating is to adjust endocrine. In this case, estrogen and progesterone caused by endocrine balance are hormones that are secreted by the ovulation ability after the follicles mature. It is recommended to go to the hospital outpatient clinic to choose progesterone after testing, which is probably intramuscular injection of progesterone.

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