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is colonoscopy uncomfortable?

Description of the question: Is it uncomfortable to have a colonoscopy? Supplementary explanation: Is it uncomfortable to have a colonoscopy?

Answer: Patients undergoing colonoscopy will feel uncomfortable if they are not injected with anesthesia. Colonoscopy is a type of endoscope used to examine and treat the digestive tract with fiberoptic colonoscopy or fiberoptic colonoscopy. During colonoscopy, patients need to take medicines that cause diarrhea in the morning, and then empty the gastrointestinal tract. Fasting until the afternoon before colonoscopy can be done. Colonoscopy is divided into painless colonoscopy and ordinary colonoscopy. Both enter the colonoscopy from the patient's anus, and then check whether there is any abnormality in the colon, such as intestinal polyps or enteritis.

Answer: Colonoscopy is an intuitive way to check whether the intestinal mucosa has lesions. This inspection method sounds more comfortable, because it is necessary to directly pull out the electronic colonoscope from the anus to the ileocecal valve, and check while withdrawing the scope. During the inspection process, a small amount of gas needs to be injected first, and the gas gathers in the area outside the intestinal tract. Appears as flatulence and stomach pain. This disease is related to the sensitivity of each person. Some people find it unbearable when the feeling of bloating is particularly obvious. Adhesion during colonoscopy will lead to involvement, which will cause discomfort to the patient. Very few patients cannot tolerate it. It is recommended that they choose a painless colonoscopy.

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