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chikungunya check, Chikungunya diagnosis

chikungunya check, Chikungunya diagnosis

Common examinations for chikungunya fever

Inspection Name Inspection Site Inspection Department Inspection Function
Cerebrospinal fluid examination-chemical examination-protein examination craniocerebral blood vessel blood cerebrospinal fluid protein...
The major biochemical examination of the Department of Blood and Vascular Medicine and the Health Department of the University of Biochemical Examination...
1. Routine blood examination

The WBC counts are mostly normal, and a small number of patients have a decrease in the total number of WBCs and lymphocytes, and a slight decrease in platelets.

2. Biochemical inspection

Some patients have elevated serum ALT, AST, and creatine kinase (CK).

3. Cerebrospinal fluid examination

Cerebrospinal fluid examination in patients with meningoencephalitis is consistent with changes in viral encephalitis.

4. RT-PCR detection

Viral RNA in the blood.


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