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cerebral artery CT angiography how to check

Question description 1: Supplementary explanation: How to check cerebral artery CT angiography

Answer : First of all, non-invasive examination, also known as CTA, is a combination of CT scan and intravenous contrast agent. A CT scan of the cerebral arteries is performed on one side, and a cerebral artery contrast agent is injected intravenously on the other side to initially determine the cerebral blood vessels. In particular, there are no obvious lesions in the arteries, but this is only a preliminary examination. Followed by invasive examination, is a standard cerebral angiography. An arterial guide wire is inserted through the femoral artery, along the abdominal aorta and aortic arch, into the carotid artery and subclavian artery. Here, a contrast agent is created in the cerebral blood vessels to check the state of the cerebral blood vessels, determine whether the brain is diseased, and provide necessary reference for treatment.

Question description 2: Supplementary explanation: How to check

cerebral artery ct angiography Answer: The examination method of cerebral artery ct angiography is to puncture the peripheral artery, send the catheter into the target artery, make a film outside the body, and develop the artery to be examined. This is called an angiography. And angiography is widely used, because interventional surgery can improve the recovery of the human body and reduce the pain of surgery. In addition, the main angiographic examinations currently used are carotid angiography, coronary angiography, cerebral angiography, renal artery angiography, and lower extremity angiography.


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