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causes of hydronephrosis

Problem Description 1: Additional information: hydronephrosis reasons

answer: The reason hydronephrosis may be caused by obstruction below the pelvis. The obstruction may be caused by stones, stenosis of the renal pelvic ureteral junction, ureteral tumors, and polyp inhibitors. It is recommended to perform color Doppler ultrasound examination of the kidneys, ureters and bladder, which can effectively check for stones. Intravenous pyelography can effectively find whether the renal pelvis and ureter are compressed, whether the junction of the renal pelvis and ureter is narrow, whether there are polyps in the ureter, whether there is a tumor in the ureter, and whether the pressure outside the kidney causes hydronephrosis.

Problem Description 2: hydronephrosis reasons added: hydronephrosis reason

to answer: cause occurs because patients with hydronephrosis is more, if patients have benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethral stricture, bladder, vesicoureteral reflux, are It will cause the patient to have hydronephrosis. Patients with this disease should pay attention to it and choose treatment on time.

3 Problem Description: The most common cause of hydronephrosis Additional information: The most common cause of hydronephrosis

answer: cause of hydronephrosis is more and more say for example, is probably the cause of acquired obstruction, there are probably due to other Tumors, stones, or urinary system infections are caused by many reasons. Therefore, the phenomenon of hydronephrosis must pay attention to actively find out the cause, and then pay attention to the symptomatic treatment, to prevent the disease from exacerbating, and the effect of life is not threatened, and attention must be paid to prevent spicy food.

Problem description 4: There are supplementary explanations for the common causes of hydronephrosis: The common causes of hydronephrosis are

answered: Hydronephrosis is often caused by obstruction, such as kidney stones, ureteral stones, inflammatory scars, tuberculosis, acquired Sexual stenosis is probably caused by stenosis after the operation. You should find out the cause of the accumulation of water in detail, and be able to treat it in a targeted manner to eliminate the obstruction and eliminate the accumulation of water. If it is water accumulation caused by stones, early surgical treatment is recommended to prevent damage to the essence of the kidney.


what are the consequences of not treating hydronephrosis

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